February 20, London: 2 year protest on anniversary of Arafat Jaradat killing


DATE: Friday 20th Feb 2015, 2-4pm
LOCATION: G4S HQ, 105 Victoria Street, London (near Victoria Station)
FACEBOOK EVENT:  https://www.facebook.com/events/536703386469578
Organized by, www.inminds.com

Please join us this friday 20th February outside the headquarters of British security contractor G4S as we mark the second anniversary of the torturing to death of young Palestinian father Arafat Jaradat, in Israel’s G4S secured Megiddo prison. Arafat was murdered 2 years ago, yet no one has been charged with his murder and we have not heard one word of regret or sorrow from G4S for its role in his murder. For G4S, Arafat Jaradat’s life is of no consequence as it does not register in their profit column. Arafat Jaradat’s murder isn’t an isolated incident, since 1967, 72 Palestinian prisoners have been tortured to death in Israeli prisons. Last September Palestinian father of five young children, Raed Abdul-Salam al-Jabari was tortured to death in Eshel prison following a months interrogation at Israel’s G4S secured Ofer prison. Join us on friday as we demand justice for Arafat Jaradat, Raed Adbul-Salam al-Jabari and all Palestinian prisoners tortured to death in Israeli prisons.

Please note the protest is at 2pm, an hour earlier then our usual time, thank you.


Arafat Jaradat, 30 year old Palestinian father of 2 children aged 4 and 2 years old, married with a pregnant wife, died on Saturday 23rd Feb 2013 after being savagely tortured for 5 days by Israel’s secret police Shin Bet. He had been arrested on suspicion of just throwing a stone.. 5 days later he was dead.

At his last military hearing on 22nd Feb Arafat pleaded that he didn’t want to go back to his cell, because he was being brutally tortured. He had severe pain in his back and all over his body due to the beatings and being hung for many hours during interrogation. The judge was dismissive and the torture continued. Arafat died the next day.

Shin Bet claimed he had died of a heart attack but the autopsy carried out at the National Israeli Forensic Medicine Center showed no sign of heart failure or any other illness, but revealed broken bones and found his whole body was covered in “strong and excessive bruising”.. “under the skin inside the muscle and along the spine at the bottom of the neck deep inside the tissue”. The autopsy determined the cause of death : “nervous shock as a result of extreme pain from the intensity of the injuries, which resulted from multiple direct and extensive acts of torture”.

It was revealed that an Israeli doctor was involved in Arafat’s torture who had given the green light for further torture. Shin Bet routinely tortures Palestinians with impunity, some 700 cases of torture have been lodged against them yet not a single one has lead to a criminal investigation. Since 2008 the Shin Bet has been exempt from having to videotape interrogations of “security detainees” – ie the 5,000+ Palestinian political prisoners it holds, with the official excuse being ‘budgetary limitations’. In the meantime 72 Palestinian prisoners have been murdered by torture in Israeli prisons since 1967.

Arafat died in Megiddo Prison following interrogation at the notorious al-Jalame interrogation centre infamous for its abuse of child prisoners. The British-Danish security firm G4S is complicit in Israel’s torture and murder of Palestinian prisoners by helping Israel secure both these prisons. At Megiddo the whole central command room is provided by G4S as are the security systems at Al Jalame. The transfer of Palestinians from the West Bank to these prisons in Israel is in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Short video with voice-over of Arafat Jaradat’s wife Dalal describes what happened

Video produced by prisoners rights group Addameer on G4S which includes interview with Arafat Jaradat’s wife Dalal


37 years old father of five young children, Raed Abdul-Salam al-Jabari, died on 9th Sept 2014 after being severely and repeatedly tortured by Israeli interrogators at Eshel prison.

Israel had claimed al-Jabari had “committed suicide by hanging himself” in his cell but the autopsy revealed clear signs of torture – Al-Jabari had suffered brain hemorrhage following repeated blows to the head and face. His neck showed no signs of hanging.

Al-Jabari was a car mechanic in Hebron when he was abducted by the occupation on 26th July 2014 following a car accident involving an illegal Israeli settler. After a month of interrogation at the G4S secured Ofer prison, Al-Jabari was to be released on bail until the prosecution appealed and his bail was revoked. He was then moved from Ofer prison to Eshel prison on 3rd September to undergo further interrogation, 6 days later he was dead.

Video – Protest demanding justice for Raed Abdul-Salam al-Jabari (19th Sept 2014)


We are pleased to announce that 14 years old Palestinian schoolgirl Malak al-Khatib who was abducted by Israeli soldiers on her way home from school and caged in Israel’s notorious G4S secured HaSharon prison, has won her freedom! Following international outrage at her abduction and a wave of protests both in Palestine and outside, Israel finally relented and released her on friday 13th February. We would like to thank all those who participated in our protest in London on 30th January demanding her freedom.

Its interesting that initial bogus claims of Malak hurling rocks at military vehicles and trying to stab soldiers with a knife mysteriously vanished and the only “charge” presented at military court was of Malak “picking up a stone” – apparently even that is now a crime for a Palestinian to do.

We should remember that last year Israel abducted 1266 Palestinian children – that’s one child taken from their parents every 7 hours, so the struggle continues for the hundreds of children still caged by Israel. This includes 15 years old Khaled Sheikh who was abducted on Christmas Eve and is being caged at Ofer prison and desperately needs urgent medical care. Also the five Hares Boys whose second anniversary of unjust imprisonment is next month. Please join us when we mark that sad occasion.

Video from our 30th Jan protest demanding freedom for Malak Al-Khatib

Interview with Malak Al-Khatib after her release