Antwerp, April 17: Flashmob in solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners

Flashmob in Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners
7:00 pm
Groenplaats, Antwerp, Belgium
Facebook Event:

antwerpApril 17 is Palestinian Prisoners’ Day – for this reason, Antwerp for Palestine is organizing a flashmob! A group of people will appear as Palestinian political prisoners (blindfolded and bound) and escorted to Groenplaats by other people portraying Israeli soldiers, to the middle of Groenplaats, for street theatre and awareness raising. We are looking for participants – everyone is welcome! If you want to participate as a Palestinian prisoner, wear Palestinian related attire (a keffiyeh, colours of the Palestinian flag). If you want to participate as an Israeli soldier, wear khaki clothes (or a black t-shirt with khaki pants) and if possible, bring a toy or cardboard gun. Meet at 6:30 at the kiosk at Groenplaats. Children are welcome to participate as Palestinian political prisoners, because there are child prisoners in real life.  If you want to participate, message the Facebook event or email