Shireen Issawi support campaign: Photos demand freedom for Shireen

shireenAn organization, Roots To Resistance is currently engaged in a Grassroots Global Sign Campaign to Demand Justice for jailed Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer Shireen Issawi. The group is working with the Alkarama Foundation and the Issawi Family and partnering with Truthout to bring this photo montage of signs and voices to the social media airwaves and the powers that be here in the US. We need more faces, signs and voices from across the globe.

The sign can be one of two things: It can “Demand Justice for Shireen Issawi”
Or it can state a reason why We should Demand Justice For Shireen Issawi. We are sending out special edition thank you ARTcards to all who send pictures so please include your address! Please send images via email to

Roots To Resistance paints large 8 foot high portraits of women activists and creates global postcard campaigns to support their work. In this case we portray Shireen to support her and her work and demand freedom for her and an end to occupation for all Palestinians.

We hope you can find a moment of time today to snap a quick picture. The sign can be scribbled in pen or marker, it does not have to be a work of art, just a message that will connect all of us to each other and to Shireen. Please do join us and send the pictures via email to

Video about Shireen by the Alkarama Foundation: