Inminds’ Palestinian Prisoners Campaign held a protest in London on Friday, 28 August, outside the headquarters of global security corporation G4S, focusing on the struggles of Palestinian women prisoners in Israeli jails. G4S is the target of a global boycott campaign for its complicity in Israeli violations of Palestinian rights; it provides security equipment and services to Israeli prisons holding Palestinian political prisoners. Palestinian political prisoners have urged the boycott of G4S, and the Palestinian Boycott National Committee has emphasized the importance of this call.

G4S was also specifically mentioned as a point of joint struggle in the new statement of over 1,000 Black activists – Black For Palestine; the corporation is involved in abuses and oppression in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the UK, particularly against refugees or people migrating, Indigenous people and people of color.

The protest on 28 August specifically focused on the cases of Fathia Khanfar and Lena Jarboni; Khanfar is a Palestinian grandmother who has been imprisoned in filthy conditions and receiving inadequate health care, while Jarboni is the longest-serving Palestinian women prison and has suffered many years of medical neglect and mistreatment.

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