Saturday, October 3
5:00 pm
Piazza di Montecitorio, Rome, Italy


On 20 August 2015, five Palestinian prisoners in Zionist jails launched a hunger strike gasinst the practice of “Administrative detention” perpetrated by the Zionist authorities, and against the policies of repression by the prison administration. They are Nidal Abu Aker, Ghassan Zawahreh, Shadi Ma’ali, Munir Abu Sharar and Bader al-Ruzza. Prisoners have joined the strike and more are planning to join. They are held under the regime of administrative detention, under which Palestinian prisoners are held without charge or trial for indefinitely renewable periods. Today, there are more than 350.

We call upon you to participate in this rally to defend the struggle of Palestinian prisoners.

Organized by the Palestinian Arab Democratic Union (UDAP). For more information,