Ayman Al-Tabeesh, former administrative detainee and long-term hunger striker, was released from Israeli occupation prisons after 30 months of imprisonment without charge or trial on Thursday, 1 October. He returned to his family in Dura village near al-Khalil.

Al-Tabeesh, 35, went on hunger strike five times. He was repeatedly promised release at the end of his detention period, only to have his detention renewed again without trial on the basis of secret evidence. He has been imprisoned for a total of 11 years over multiple arrests.

He launched a hunger strike on 23 May 2013, protesting his detention without charge or trial following his arrest on 9 May. After 105 days, he suspended his strike after a promise to not renew his detention. However, after the renewal of his detention in violation of the agreement, he launched a hunger strike on 28 February 2014, which ended on 30 June 2014, with an agreement for his release on 5 January 2015. Again, the occupation reneged on the agreement, extending his detention. He has been participating in the boycott of the military courts by administrative detainees, held without chatge or trial. During a previous imprisonment in 2012, he also participated in the collective Karameh hunger strike with thousands of Palestinian prisoners, as well as solidarity strikes with Khader Adnan and Hana Shalabi.