3 Palestinians on hunger strike for freedom, against administrative detention


Palestinians held under Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial are continuing hunger strikes to demand their freedom.

Yazan Hanani, of Beit Furik south of Nablus is on hunger strike for 35 days; he has been held under administrative detention since 28 October 2015. He is demanding his freedom. Hanani, 24, has spent three years in Israeli prisons and was not able to complete his university studies due to ongoing arrests.

The Women’s Committee of Beit Furik is holding an open solidarity tent in support of Hanani’s strike.

Hanani is not the only Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike; Sami Janazreh, 43, from Al-Khalil, has been on hunger strike for 20 days. He has been held without charge or trial under administrative detention since 15 November 2015.

Reports also indicate that Imad Batran, 41, said in a letter to Al-Muhja Jerusalem Foundation on Thursday, 17 March that he hwas been on hunger strike since 25 February in protest of his administrative detention without charge or trial since 27 April 2015. Batran also stated that he is boycotting the occupation courts and rejects participation in the administrative detention hearing or transport via Bosta to the court, stating that “they are a sham that implement the orders of the Zionist intelligence apparatus to give a veneer of legality to its decisions.”

Batran has been held in Israeli prisons seven previous times and has served over seven years in Israeli jails. He previously waged a hunger strike for 105 days against his administrative detention without charge or trial in 2013.