Hunger strikes and protests as Palestinian prisoners demand freedom for administrative detainees, sick prisoners


fasfousSeveral Palestinian prisoners are continuing hunger strikes in protest of administrative detention without charge or trial. Mahmoud al-Fasfous – held without charge or trial since 29 October 2014 – launched an open hunger strike on 20 February against his imprisonment, after his administrative detention order was renewed for the fifth time. Al-Fasfous, 26, has been joined by Palestinian prisoners Sami Janazrah, Alaa Rayan and Karam Amro, who launched solidarity hunger strikes to support his demand for an end to administrative detention.

Yazan Hanani of Beit Furik, Nablus, is also on hunger strike against his administrative detention without charge or trial; he has been imprisoned since 28 October 2015. He has been denied legal visits as well as family visits, and there have been no updates about his health received by his family.

In addition 18 Palestinian prisoners held in Etzion detention center are continuing their partial hunger strike, demanding to be transferred due to unacceptable living conditions; 11 Palestinians were transferred to Ofer prison after the remainder of the Etzion detainees suspended their hunger strike on a promise of transfer.


Bassam Sayeh, 43, is suffering from cancer of the spinal cord, which has spread to the bone. Sayeh was arrested on 8 October 2015. He is being held in Megiddo prison and is not receiving proper health care; a national Palestinian campaign for his release and medical care was launched in Nablus on 9 March, with the participation of his wife Mona. Sayeh had previously been arrested on multiple occasions by Palestinian Authority security forces, as well as serving one and a half years in Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial. Sayeh was arrested while attending Mona’s own trial – she had been arrested in April 2015 and served seven months in Israeli prison, released only after Bassam’s arrest.