London protest outside Bulgarian embassy demands justice in death of Omar Nayef Zayed, former Palestinian prisoner


Activists with Inminds protested outside the Bulgarian embassy in London on Friday, 4 March, demanding justice, accountability and transparency in the death of Omar Nayef Zayed, who was found killed one week before, on Friday, 26 February, at the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Nayef Zayed had taken refuge in the embassy as he was being pursued for extradition by Bulgarian police following a request for his extradition by the Israeli embassy in Bulgaria in December 2015.

Nayef Zayed escaped Israeli imprisonment in 1990, after a hospitalization following a 40-day hunger strike. He and two of his comrades, including his brother, were accused of killing an Israeli settler in occupied Jerusalem who was part of an extreme-right organization, and were sentenced to life imprisonment. His fellow prisoners were later freed in prisoner exchanges with the Palestinian resistance although one, Samer Mahroum, is now re-imprisoned alongside 60 other freed prisoners who are facing the reimposition of their original sentences.


Nayef Zayed lived in Bulgaria for 22 years, where he is married to a Bulgarian wife; they have three children.

The protesters demanded accountability and transparency from the Bulgarian government and a real investigation into Israeli assassination on Bulgarian territory.


The protest included large projections of Omar Nayef Zayed’s image and demands for justice in his case on the Bulgarian embassy building.

Inminds previously protested for justice for Nayef Zayed while he was in refuge in the Palestinian embassy, demanding full support from the Palestinian Authority for Omar’s case and demanding the Bulgarian government reject Israel’s extradition demands.

Photos via Inminds