Wissam Dawabsheh, the brother of Reham Dawabsheh, killed in her home with her husband and baby boy Ali when it was firebombed by Israeli settlers in July 2015, was arrested last night by Israeli occupation soldiers, who stormed the home of Wissam and Reham’s father in Duma, south of Nablus.

Five military jeeps entered Duma at 1:30 am early Monday, 4 April, and occupation soldiers raided the family home, taking Wissam with them. No explanation was given for his arrest by the occupation forces.

Wissam Dawabsheh was one of at least 13 Palestinians arrested in dawn raids by Israeli occupation forces, including Palestinian lecturer and Hamas leader Adnan Asfour, and his son Muntasser Asfour; Abdel Rahim Bassam Hammad in Silwad; Muhammad Rafat Abu Srour of Aida refugee camp, and Louay Habis al-Imour and Malid Jamil Abu Mfarreh of Tuqu, south of Bethlehem.