Israeli occupation forces invade university, arrest 25 in night raids throughout occupied West Bank


Israeli forces arrested 25 Palestinians in overnight raids by occupation forces, reported the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society on Tuesday morning, 5 April.

The mass arrests included storming the campus of Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, occupied Jerusalem, between 3 am and 5 am, according to Ma’an News. Campus security guards were locked in a room by the invading occupation forces, their radios broken. The soldiers stormed the offices of the Dean of Students and the Faculty of Islamic Studies, destroying an exhibition underway by students who are part of the Islamic Bloc, one of the student council blocs at the university. Israeli occupation officials claimed that they were stopping “incitement” by destroying student projects.


The attack on the university is one of several in recent months; Al-Quds University was attacked in January and the materials of the student union confiscated; Bir Zeit University was also invaded and its student union offices ransacked. In March, Khadoori University in Tulkarem was invaded twice in 18 hours, as was the Arab American University in Jenin. These attacks have focused especially on targeting student union offices and come alongside the arrest and imprisonment of student activists like Donya Musleh and Asmaa Qadah.

In Abu Dis, the occupation soldiers arrested Ahmad Jamil Dandan. In Deir Istiya, Salfit, Israeli occupation forces invaded and ransacked the home of Jihad Khalid, 30, arresting him. They also arrested Nazeeh Abu Oun of Jaba, Jenin; Adnan Khader al-Husari of Tulkarem refugee camp; Tamir Shawar Rimawi and Karim Rimawi of Beit Rima, and Ghassan Said Nasser of Bir Zeit, Ramallah; in al-Khalil area: Hossam Hureibat; Ali Abu Sel and Yazan Muqbil of al-Arroub refugee camp; Mahmoud Hmeidat of Surif; Mahmoud Fawzi Amr and Mahmoud Badwan Ibayush of Dura; and Wasim Jamal Bahar of Beit Umar; in Jerusalem: Iyad Atta Uweisat and Ahmad Azaz Uweisat of Jabal Mukabber; Abdel-Qader Dari and Mohammed Abu Riyala of Issawiya; Abdullah Abu Assab of the Old City; and Abdul Latif Awad, Adel Jumaa, Abed Rabbo Kanaan, Abed Faris Kanaan, Hamza Kanaan, Sufyan Kanaan and Odeh Abdullah Odeh of Hizma.

Photos: Al-Quds University