Palestinian Prisoners’ Day: Resources, Factsheets, Posters and more


Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, marked since 1974, is an international day of action, solidarity and support for over 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. Events and actions will take place in cities and on campuses around the world, in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian prisoners.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is providing the following materials to help support events for Palestinian Prisoners’ Day and beyond. Please feel free to download, print, and re-circulate these materials!

Please share your Palestinian Prisoners’ Day event with us – send us a link to your upcoming event, or send us pictures or reports of previous events. Email us at

weeblyWeb resources on Palestinian Prisoners:

Social Media campaign for Palestinian Prisoners: Change your profile picture for Palestinian Prisoners Day!

Call to Action and List of International Events for Palestinian Prisoners Day:  Call to Action – Palestinian Prisoners Day 2016

For the posters and signs below, it’s easy to turn these A4/8.5×11 signs into large posters for rallies – just follow the steps below:

1.) Print sign at A4/8.5 x 11 and place face down on a copier that prints A3/11×17.

2.) Using A3/11″ x 17″ paper, enlarge the layout to 200% of the original.

3.) After you make your copies of the top portion of the sign, turn it around on the copier. (You may have folded the layout in two, although this isn’t necessary. I find it easier just to turn the sign around.)

4.) Copy the bottom half of the sign on 11″ x 17″ paper to 200% of the original.

5.) You now have two 11″ x 17″ ledger-sized sheets of paper which when glued, taped or stapled, one above the other, will make a 17″ x 22″ sized sign.


Download: Factsheet on Palestinian Prisoners

Download: G4S – Securing Apartheid Flyer

Download: Flyer – Apartheid in Israeli Prisons


Download: Poster Sign: End Administrative Detention

[scribd id=308798415 key=key-fzAtoI2FJ3qCZAhiq6lQ mode=scroll]

Download: Poster/Sign: Stop G4S – Boycott Zionism

[scribd id=308803808 key=key-Qvyl50VOSIrCywzGo60h mode=scroll]

Download: Poster – Free Georges Abdallah

[scribd id=308817924 key=key-jYmAIY0JKNILdjZaWvJa mode=scroll]

Download: Poster/Sign – Free All Palestinian Prisoners

[scribd id=308802473 key=key-zWKzzu00wsJo6gyfNzHA mode=scroll]

Download: Poster/Sign: Free Hunger Strikers and All Prisoners

[scribd id=308803188 key=key-NqXpk0fcdnOXZbD0pgVV mode=scroll]

Download: Poster: Free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian Prisoners

[scribd id=308798527 key=key-PtICKdgQGNLUSvOSBLGT mode=scroll]

Download: Poster: Freedom for Palestinian Political Prisoners

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