6 PLC members remain imprisoned following release of Khalida Jarrar


Following the release of Khalida Jarrar, prominent leftist and feminist legislator and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, six members of the PLC remain imprisoned in Israeli jails.

Two are serving sentences issued to them by Israeli military courts – Palestinian national leaders Ahmad Sa’adat and Marwan Barghouti, both of whom boycotted the military courts that sentenced them – and four held in administrative detention without charge or trial.

Ahmad Sa’adat, 63, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, has been imprisoned in Israeli prison since 2006, when he was abducted in a military raid on the Palestinian Authority’s Jericho prison, where he had been imprisoned since 2002 under US and British guard under an agreement between the US, UK, PA and Israel. Sa’adat was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for incitement and membership and leadership in a prohibited organization, his party, the PFLP.

Marwan Barghouti, 58, Fateh representative in the Palestinian Legislative Council, was arrested in 2002 and is serving five life sentences, accused of leading Fateh’s armed resistance wing in the West Bank.

Hassan Yousef, 60, from the Change and Reform bloc, associated with Hamas, is currently being held under a six-month administrative detention order following his arrest on 20 January; his order is, like all administrative detention orders, indefinitely renewable. Also held under administrative detention from the Change and Reform bloc is Hatem Kufaisheh, 56, ordered to three months in administrative detention after his detention was renewed on 24 April; he was arrested on 24 January. Mohammed Abu Teir, 65, also of the Change and Reform Bloc, has been held in administrative detention since 28 January;
and Abdel Jaber Fuquha, ordered to three months in administrative detention after his arrest on 17 May.