Egyptian prisoner Mohammed al-Sayed remains jailed by Israel one month after his sentence ends

Israeli-Prison-largeEgyptian prisoner in Israeli jails, Mohammed Hassan al-Sayed, 39, remains imprisoned after the completion of his 13 year sentence on 27 May. The Israeli occupation has claimed that the Egyptian state refused to receive him, saying that as he was arrested in Gaza he should be returned to Gaza; the Israeli state has refused to do so, saying they will only return him to Egypt.

Sayed is from Cairo and was arrested by Israeli occupation forces on 29 May 2003, participating in resistance against armed Israeli soldiers in central Gaza.

The Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies warned that Sayed is in danger of being ordered to administrative detention to extend his imprisonment, as is currently happening with the case of Bilal Kayed, whose sentence ended on 13 June after 14.5 years – only to be immediately ordered to administrative detention.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network joins the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies to urgently demand the Egyptian government intervene and seek the immediate release and return of their citizen to his Egyptian homeland and family.