13 August, Dublin: BDS Boycott Action in Solidarity with Bilal Kayed

Saturday, 13 August
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm
The Spire, Dublin City Center
Dublin, Ireland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1077309459032750/

milanbilal4This Saturday, at 1:30pm meet at The Spire, Dublin City Centre, Dublin Anarchist Black Cross will be taking part along with Act For Palestine – Boycott Apartheid Israel in a day of solidarity Direct actions in support of Palestinian hunger strikers and all Palestinian prisoners fighting against the Zionist prison administration. We would like to invite all supporters and activists to come and take part in a boycott action that will be taking place in Dublin city centre stores that sell Israeli goods.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) member Bilal Kayed has been on hunger strike for nearly 2 months now, he has been joined by many of his comrades in a hunger strike, over 300 prisoners. They are on hunger strike for better prison conditions.

The fascist Zionist prison administration is escalating many barbaric tactics to try suppress the struggle over the last number of months, such as: forced isolation, transferring prisoners away from their comrades, and cut prisoners visits from 2 per month to just 1 per month.

These tactics being used by the Zionist prison administration need to be defeated at once.
We cannot do an awful lot in Ireland but we can do boycott actions. Boycott actions can have the potential to put pressure on the fascist Zionist state, and therefore on the prison administration.

Enough is enough this needs to be put an end to!!!

A call to solidarity by Khaled Barakat, Leftist, Palestinian writer, “Today, we call on all of the revolutionaries of the world to stand up and express their solidarity with Bilal Kayed. We must mobilize in all social sectors, and continue to work in the labor movement, the student movement, LGBT movements, and engage in the struggle not only for Bilal Kayed but for all Palestinian political prisoners as the cause of freedom,” said Barakat. “It is particularly crucial that we link the movement to boycott Israel with the struggle of the Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian resistance.”

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