26 August, Port Richey: Vigil for Bilal Kayed and Palestinian Prisoners

Friday, 26 August
7:30 am
US 19 at Ridge Road in Port Richey, Florida
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1577609279211271/

Protest for the liberation of Bilal Kayen and against the privilege for settlers, The Hague, The Netherlands.“…we will be the body and the bridge on which liberators and revolutionaries can cross…”

These are the words of Bilal Kayed, on his 70th day of hunger strike, shackled to an Israeli prison bed. His hunger strike is the result of Israel’s cruel, inhumane and unjust practice of Administrative Detention, whereby prisoners of conscience are held, without charge, indefinitely. Please join us this Friday to show solidarity with Bilal, and all Palestinian Political Prisoners. Bring you Palestinian Flags! We will have signs, but please be empowered to make your own too!