16 September, NYC: G4S out of Standing Rock and Palestine

Friday, 16 September
4:00 pm
G4S Office – NYC
19 W. 44th St, NYC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1242145782471315/

14291720_1310923878941095_8521230436582435904_nOn September 6, Latin American news channel teleSUR confirmed that British-Danish security company G4S has deployed personnel to guard construction sites for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline.

Only three days earlier, private security forces working for the project attacked Native land and water defenders, using dogs and pepper against protests that have united thousands from over 200 indigenous tribes against the pipeline.

G4S, the world’s largest security firm and second-biggest private employer, also services Israel’s checkpoints, its occupation and security forces, and the prisons and detention centers where 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners are held and tortured.

They include Mahmoud and Mohammed al-Balboul and Malik al-Qadi, among 700 “administrative detainees” in Israeli prisons.

The three have been on hunger strikes since July 4, July 7 and July 16 to protest their internment without charge or trial.

Demand that G4S end its participation in settler-colonial violence against Native and Palestinian people, and that it cut its ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline and Israel’s occupation regime immediately.

Join us to answer a united appeal by Palestinian prisoners for escalated boycotts of G4S and a call from Standing Rock for solidarity.

From Standing Rock to Palestine, support indigenous resistance and self-determination, and fight settler-colonialism, racism and repression!