30 September, NYC: Protest Facebook’s support for Israeli repression #FBCensorsPalestine


Tell Facebook to end its collaboration with Israel’s regime of censorship, repression and political imprisonment, and demand the freedom of Palestinians detained for their posts on social media!

Friday, 30 September
4:00 – 6:00 pm
Facebook New York – 770 Broadway, Manhattan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1692217654438493

On September 12, the company agreed to work with Israel against Palestinian “incitement.”

Incredibly, the deal followed a corporate meeting with an Israeli state delegation that included Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, best known globally for advocating the genocide of Palestinians on Facebook.

Despite her notorious appeal for the eradication of Palestinian mothers, whose children she called “little snakes,” posted a day before the kidnapping and burning alive of 16-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Abu Khdair by Zionist fanatics, Israel has taken no action against Shaked’s account.

Instead it has suspended the personal profiles and organizational pages of Palestinians and their supporters around the world, even as Israeli occupation forces have detained hundreds of Palestinians for their posts on social media.

These political prisoners include the poet Dareen Tatour, on house arrest after a charge of “incitement” for posting a poem on Facebook, and astrophysicist Imad Barghouthi, whose indictment on the same ground cites his number of Facebook friends.

And even prior to the agreement, Shaked boasts, Facebook had complied with 95% of Israeli state requests to remove Palestinian content.

On Saturday, Facebook apologized for suspending the personal accounts of eight editors at two major Palestinian news agencies, calling the removals a “mistake.”

But hundeds of other accounts remain suspended, and Facebook continues to delete posts critical of Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.