21-22 October, Vienna: Freedom for Comrade Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Friday, 21 October at 3 pm
Saturday, 22 October at 12 pm
French Embassy
Schwarzenbergplatz 11
Vienna, Austria
More info: https://iarkp.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/abdallah-kundgebungen-in-wien-fr-21-10-um-15-uhr-und-sa-22-10-um-12-uhr-vor-der-franzoesischen-botschaft/

bandeau-gia-samidounGeorges Ibrahim Abdallah, Lebanese communist struggler, 65 years old, was arrested in 1984 in Lyon and sentenced to life imprisonment. This was due to the actions of the LARF (Lebanese Armed Revolutinary Fraction); October 24, 2016 is the 33rd anniversary of his arrest.

Georges is a struggler who resisted the Israeli invasion of Lebanon; he struggled with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) against the occupation of Palestine.

He has been eligible for release since 1999. Since then, his continued detention is a political decision of the French state, in complicity with the US and Israel. The DST (French intelligence) said in 2007: “He is a symbol of anti-Zionist struggle. His liberation would be without a doubt an important event in Lebanon. He would probably be celebrated as a hero in returning to his country, and by various movements in the revolutionary struggle.”

The rejection of his eighth appeal for parole in March 2013 after numerous political and legal maneuvers clearly shows the intention not to release him, because he has always remained a staunch fighter against imperialism and for Palestine and has never renounced his beliefs.

In Lebanon, the Arab World and in Europe and internationally, the struggle for his release is growing. A strong popular mobilization is necessary for Georges Abdallah to be freed from prison. On 15-22 October 2016, there is an international week of solidarity for the immediate release of Georges Abdallah. In Lannemezan, France, where Georges is imprisoned, a central demonstration will take place on 22 October. We will not leave him alone! Let us hear his words, “Together, comrades, we will win, and we will win only together!”

Long live Palestine, Palestine will win! Free Georges Abdallah!

We urge all to participate at two rallies at the French Embassy in Vienna, on Friday 21 October at 3 pm and Saturday, 22 October at 12 pm.