19 November, Manchester: Free All Palestinian Political Prisoners! Boycott Barclays!

Saturday, 19 November
12:00 pm
Piccadilly Gardens
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/220141705074862/

prisonerTake to the streets and keep up the action in solidarity with Palestine and for the release of all political prisoners in Israeli jails. The prisoners continue to resist their inhuman treatment at the hands of the British-backed occupation regime, including hunger strikers Ahmad Abu Fara and Anas Shadid, who are now in a critical condition. The situation in the jails mirrors events on the streets as Palestinians risk arrest to protest against Israel’s colonisation policies in the West Bank and its blockade of Gaza.

Britain continues to collaborate with the occupation. Barclays bank has become a symbol of this dirty relationship, providing funds to maintain the spread of imperialist backed war from Palestine and Syria to Yemen:

Barclays is the biggest banking investor in the global arms trade. Its history includes loaning $487m to the racist apartheid regime in South Africa. Despite claiming to be an “ethical” bank, its financial dealings support the Israeli army, in addition to feeling imperialist backed wars upon the people of Syria, Kurdistan and Yemen through its support for the Saudi and Turkish regimes. Today they have 4.25% shares in BAE Systems, who supply Israel with F16 jet components; $147.2m investments in Boeing, which produces Apache helicopter gunships; $65m in Lockheed Martin which produces F16s and Apaches; and $34.6m in Raytheon, which has arms factories in Britain.

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