Samidoun joins New York event in solidarity with Kashmiri struggle

img-20161103-wa0003Joe Catron of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network participated in a panel, “Occupation is a Crime,” organized by the Pakistan USA Freedom Forum in Jackson Heights, New York on Wednesday, 2 November.

Catron highlighted the common histories and mutual solidarity between the Palestinian and Kashmiri struggles at present and through history.

He also emphasized the importance of mutual solidarity and common struggle to confront occupation, settler colonialism and imperialism, as well as the deepening relationships between the right-wing government in India pursuing a violent and repressive policy in Kashmir and the Israeli colonial state. He focused on the role of US imperialism in supporting the ongoing occupation in Kashmir, alongside its key role in backing the Zionist project and its confiscation of the land, rights, and self-determination of the Palestinian people.