7 February, Kent State University: The Imprisonment of Palestinian Children with Farehan Farrah

Tuesday, 7 February
6:00 pm
Kent State University Bowman Hall 220
Kent, Ohio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1911305635773515/

This event will be a speech given by Farehan Farrah, mother of 13 year old Palestinian prisoner Shadi Farrah. Shadi has been imprisoned by Israeli soldiers since December 30, 2015 and sentenced to an additional 2 years in prison on January 4, 2017. Farehan will speak about her son’s situation as well as speaking more in depth about the wrongful capturing and improsoning of children going on in Palestine as we speak. With currently about 300 Palestinian children in Israeli prisons, the voices of these children need to be heard, and we need to listen.

Anyone is welcome to this event and the more the merrier. Please share this with your friends and family who would be interested in listening to Farehan Farrah tell her son’s story.

This event will be hosted in room 220 of Bowman Hall at Kent State University.