Al-Qeeq and Abu Leil continue hunger strikes; 17 administrative detention orders renewed

Photo; Mohammed al-Qeeq Facebook page

Two Palestinian prisoners are continuing on hunger strike against their administrative detention, Israeli imprisonment without charge or trial. Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, 35, is currently on his 23rd day of hunger strike, demanding his release from administrative detention, while Jamal Abu Leil is on his 13th day of hunger strike for his release.

Raed Mteir ended his strike on the 12th day after reaching an agreement for his release in April 2017 and that his administrative detention will not be renewed.

Al-Qeeq’s health has continued to deteriorate, said his lawyer Khaled Zabarqa. He has lost weight significantly and is having difficulty speaking; he has had to use a wheelchair to move and cannot walk. Zabarqa visited al-Qeeq on Monday in the Ramle prison clinic, and reported that his health continues to deteriorate as his health is weaker due to his 94-day hunger strike last year that won his May 2016 release from administrative detention.

A secret session was held in Israeli military court on Tuesday, 28 February with the military prosecution on al-Qeeq’s case, Zabarqa said, which confirmed his three-month administrative detention order.

Abu Leil met with lawyer Jawad Boulos in Ashkelon prison, where he is held in isolation after being transferred on Monday from Eshel prison.  He has lost nearly 10 kilograms.

Palestinians rallied in Ramallah and in Ramle outside the prison hospital in support of the hunger strikers, demanding their immediate release.

As Al-Qeeq and Abu Leil continue their hunger strikes, they are among approximately 600 Palestinians imprisoned without charge or trial under administrative detention. Administrative detention orders are issued for one to six months at a time and are indefinitely renewable, which means that Palestinians can be imprisoned for years without charge or trial.

17 administrative detention orders were issued between 19 and 26 February, reported Palestinian lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneineh, all of them renewals of existing administrative detention orders:

1. Yacoub Imad Turki, from al-Fuwwar camp, 4 months extension
2. Hasan Husni Shawkat, from Bethlehem, 4 months extension
3. Samer Mahmoud Hanani, from Beit Furik, 4 months extension
4. Kamal Mazen Boustah, from Arabah, 4 months extension
5. Ashraf Ghassan Jibril, from Qalqilya, 4 months extension
6. Majdi Abdel-Qader Oweidat, from Jericho, 6 months extension
7. Saadi Mohammed Khaddeirat from al-Zahiriya, 4 months extension
8. Saif Bassam Abu Eisha, from al-Khalil, 4 months extension
9. Nour Shaker al-Atrash, from al-Khalil, 6 months extension
10. Jadallah Abdel-Alim Da’na, from al-Khalil, 6 months extension
11. Musab Manasrah, from Bani Naim, 6 months extension
12. Bakr Mohammed Kharyoush, from Tulkarem, 4 months extension
13. Ahmad Mahmoud Kharoush, from Qaryout, 4 months extension
14. Raafat Khalil Abu Rabie from al-Mazria al-Qablia, 4 months extension
15. Baha’ Taha al-Najjar, from al-Khalil, 4 months extension
16. Ramzi Tawfiq Qarini, from Jenin camp, 6 months extension
17. Ashraf Mohammed al-Jouda, from Burqin, 4 months extension