Mahmoud Saada continuing hunger strike under interrogation; Raafat Shalash suspends strike

Palestinian prisoner Raafat Shalash suspended his open hunger strike on Sunday, 26 March after promises to set an end to his administrative detention, indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial, reported Asra Voice. 

Shalash’s father told Asra Voice that his son’s health situation is bad and that he is not being provided with medical care or treatment. He urged the immediate release of his son, held without charge or trial since 17 January 2016. Shalash, 34, is from the village of Beit Awwa near al-Khalil; his two brothers, Mohammed and Yousri, are also imprisoned.

Former prisoner and long-term hunger striker, Khader Adnan, confirmed that Mahmoud Saada, from the town of Huwwara in Nablus, is continuing on hunger strike against his conditions of detention; he has been held under interrogation for 37 days in Jalameh detention center.