Palestinian woman’s detention extended for 11 days, denied access to lawyer

Batool Ramahi

An Israeli occupation court convening in the Moskobiyeh interrogation center in Jerusalem ordered young Palestinian woman Batool Ramahi to 11 more days of detention, forbidding her from receiving a visit from a lawyer until 16 March.

Ramahi, 24, was arrested from her home in the village of Surda near Ramallah in a pre-dawn military raid on Sunday, 12 March.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Legislative Council member Samira Halaiqa was brought before an Israeli military court on Sunday, 12 March, where her detention was extended, and was scheduled to be returned to military court on Monday, 13 March.

Halaiqa’s arrest brought the total number of imprisoned PLC members to 10 and prompted protest in Gaza by PLC leaders affiliated with her Change and Reform bloc, associated with Hamas.

A Palestinian girl, Sondos Joulani, 17, was among 21 Palestinians seized by Israeli occupation forces on Sunday night, 12 March and Monday morning, 13 march. She was one of 11 people arrested in Jerusalem, including Karim Abu Tayeh, Ayman Abu Tayeh, Uday Abu Tayeh, Mohammed Abu Hammam, Mahmoud Abu Nabi, Hatem Shweiki, Wael Qarout, Wael Abu Ramouz, 15-year-old Musleh Naser Shehadeh, and Mahmoud Matar, the father of Ibrahim Matar, killed on Monday morning by Israeli forces.

Four more Palestinians from the town of Jiftlik were seized, including Ibrahim Abu Salem Dalakh, Mohammed Abu Gheith Dalakh, Nawaf al-Jahalin and Yasser Abu Hatab. In al-Khalil, three people were arrested, including Rabie Jawad Zaaqiq, Malik al-Jabari, and Salim Mahmoud Tarayreh, 48, the father of Issa Tarayreh, who was 16 years old in September 2016 when he was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces.

Tareq Maher Zakarneh was seized in Qabatiya, Mohammed Ghazi Suleiman Abu Jaber in Tulkarem and Jumaa el-Desoki in Jalazone refugee camp.

Since International Women’s Day, an average of one Palestinian woman has been arrested by Israeli forces daily, including Joulani, Halaiqa, Ramahi, Souad Shyoukhi – whose brother was killed by occupation forces – and novelist Khalida Ghosheh, currently released on bail after being arrested and interrogated about her forthcoming novel, “The Jackal’s Trap,” looking at Palestinian collaborators with Israel.