15 April, London: Palestinian Prisoners Day

Saturday, 15 April
3:00 pm
Under Hungerford / Golden Jubilee Bridges on the Southbank (between London Eye and Southbank Centre)
London, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1986958591533520/

To mark Palestinian Prisoners Day, Inminds human right group will, on Saturday 15th April 2017, hold a vigil on the Southbank of the River Thames in London to highlight the plight of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons, and to demand their freedom.

Figures for March 2017 show the Israeli occupation abducted 509 Palestinians last month, including 75 children, 13 women and 5 Palestinian MPs; and issued 111 administrative detention orders – indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial. Today here are around 6,500 Palestinians caged in Israel prisons including around 300 children and 62 women including 14 minor girls. Over 500 Palestinians are held without charge or trial indefinitely under administrative detention orders.

Inminds chair Abbas Ali said “The Israeli occupation is enforced by terrorising the indigenous Palestinian population; abducting its children; and imprisoning anyone who resists. In many cases the formality of a charge let alone a trial or even a set length of sentence are ignored – people are just locked up indefinitely on the whim of the colonizer. During interrogation physical torture, even of young children, is standard practice as is sexual abuse of children. Women have been electrocuted into submission, and some prisoners like Arafat Jaradat have died under torture. If they survive the interrogation then they face the military court and its ‘conveyor belt’ trial system with its ‘rubber stamp’ 99.74% conviction rate. In no other country in the world is such injustice law.”

Inminds chair Abbas Ali added “Some 20% of the Palestinian population of men, women, children and the elderly have been imprisoned by the Israeli military since 1967, every single Palestinian family has been effected. The prisoners form the cornerstone of Palestinian society, their suffering is felt in every home. We are here to show our solidarity with them and their families, and to demand their freedom from occupation dungeons. We are also here to demand that companies complicit in their suffering, like HP that provides the IT infrastructure for Israel’s torture dens and dungeons, end their complicity in these war crimes.”

Please join us on Saturday 15th April 2017 on the Southbank of the river Thames under Hungerford Bridge near the Southbank Centre.

If you support this activity please share this alert widely, thank you.


Abbas Ali

Inminds Palestinian Prisoners Campaign