15 June, Athens: Anti War, Anti-Imperialist Demonstration – No Netanyahu! Not In My Name

Thursday, 15 June
7:00 pm
March from Israeli Embassy to the Foreign Ministry
Athens, Greece
More info: https://diktiospartakos.blogspot.be/2017/06/not-in-my-name.html?m=1

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On 15 June, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is scheduled to visit Thessaloniki for a tripartite conference of Greece, Cyprus and Israel. This is an attempt to divide up the transfer of natural gas to Europe, promote military cooperation in the Mediterranean and NATO and the investments of the economic oligarchy in research, technology and tourism.

At the same time, Greece is a site for troop transfer to the “Noble Jump 2017” NATO military exercises in Romania. It is clear that there is no benefit to the people of these countries from these relations and agreements, or for the Palestinian people. This meeting serves the aspirations of those who wish to profit from energy reserves in the Mediterranean for the benefit of economic oligarchs, and for the strengthening of military cooperation….

The SYRIZA-ANEL government is choosing a dangerous road of involvement in imperialist conflicts through its continual cooperation with the Israeli government and that of Sisi in Egypt. The policy choice of agreements, closer cooperation, arms trade and joint military exercises with Israel as well as with Egypt place it in cooperation with the siege on the Gaza Strip. Israel’s Zionist policy of oppression and plundering the Palestinian people includes a war for natural resources and water….We demand the end of any involvement of our country, Greece, in these agreements and interventions with Israel and NATO, which only bring more wars, poverty, uprooting ad exile. The Greek SYRIZA-ANEL government, like its predecessors, is entirely responsible for supporting NATO bases and participation in imperialist military operations and implementing anti-people EU policies.

We call:

NO! to US-NATO-EU bases
NO! to the dangerous politics of the government and EU
Solidarity with the Palestinian people!
Solidarity with Refugees and Friendship of Peoples!
No to Imperialist Wars and Invasions! No to the regressive alliance between Greece, Israel and the USA!

Call from Anti-War, Anti-Racist Organizations and Unions and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network