10 August, NYC: Pack the Court! Support Transit Worker Arrested on False Charges

Thursday August 10
9:00 AM
100 Centre Street
Fourth Floor, Part E, NYC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/122660075016957/

Petition: http://tinyurl.com/yb95pd5r

A fifty-four year old African American public transit worker is facing unwarranted serious charges, for doing his job according to MTA rules.

Because he didn’t immediately stop assisting a passenger and open the gate for an NYPD lieutenant, Darryl Goodwin is charged with obstruction of governmental justice, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

The charges are absurd, because all NYPD members are equipped with MetroCards that give them unlimited subway access — as well as keys that open the gates. On top of that, station agents assisting passengers are required by the MTA to handle those passengers before turning their attention to anyone asking for gate access.

For this adherence to guidelines, Goodwin was arrested and suspended from his job without pay.

Goodwin, a 27-year MTA veteran and member of TWU Local 100, is now back at work. But the serious charges have not been dropped.

June 29 was the first court date, where dozens of transit workers showed up to support their union brother. On August 10, the next date, let’s join them – with a packed court, showing community support for Goodwin, station agents and all transit workers who do the hard work of running public transportation 24/7.

If you can’t make it, support the fundraising campaign to help defray legal expenses: http://tinyurl.com/funds4defense