31 August, Paris: Rally for the release of Salah Hamouri

Thursday, 31 August
4:30 pm
Metro Invalides
75007 Paris
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1091414057655276/

The Association France-Palestine Solidarity, together with the other organizations of the National Collective for a Just and Sustainable Peace between Palestinians and Israelis (CNPJDPI) calls for a rally for the release of Salah Hamouri.

The rally will take place on Thursday, 31 August at 4:30 pm at Invalides, in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where AFPS has requested a delegation be received at 5 pm.

The call is based on the AFPS statement of 29 August, as below:


Salah Hamouri: France must act urgently for his release

Arrested on 23 August by the Israeli army of occupation for no reason, Salah Hamouri, a French-Palestinian citizen, has been ordered to 6 months of administrative detention. While Salah Hamouri’s release conditions were under discussion at the court hearing this morning (Tuesday, 29 August), a six-month administrative detention order was requested by Israeli government officials. We see that the separation of powers is an unknown concept of this state which claims to be the only democracy in the Near and Middle East.

Administrative detention is one of the weapons used by the Israeli authorities to keep Palestinians in prison without having to provide any justification, even a pretext. The “secret file” remains unknown to the accused and his lawyers. Indefinitely renewable for up to six months at a time, it can be used to hold a person in prison infinitely without any charge ever being laid againstcan keep an opponent indefinitely in prison without any charge being meant to him. Thus, dozens of Palestinian political prisoners have spent several years in prison without knowing the reasons for their detention.

Despite the strong mobilization for his release, we do not know whether the French authorities intervened at the level of the State and the government. To date, no public statements have been made. Could we know why a French-Palestinian lawyer imprisoned in Israel would not be given the same consideration as other French detainees abroad?

The court has 48 hours, that is, until Thursday, to confirm or contest this request from the Israeli government.

We call on our fellow citizens to continue to act firmly, quickly and relentlessly! To demand that the French authorities assume their responsibilities.

We once again call upon the President of the French Republic and the Minister for Foreign Affairs to intervene with determination in a strong, visible and public way vis-à-vis the Israeli government and its representation in France so that our fellow citizen is freed.

Freedom for Salah Hamouri!

The AFPS National Office
29 August 2017