Students for Justice in Palestine (Netherlands): We condemn the arrest of Salah Hamouri!

Students for Justice in Palestine in the Netherlands (Studenten voor Rechtvardigheid in Palestina) has issued a statement demanding the immediate release of Salah Hamouri and urging action on his case. The statement follows below:

While the human rights violators and the torturers of the Palestinian people are still at large, the Israeli occupation forces continues to illegally raid Palestinian homes and detain them under administrative detention, without charge or trial.

Salah Hamouri, a French-Palestinian dual citizen and a field researcher of a Palestinian civil institution that supports the Palestinian political prisoners detained in Israeli occupation jails; Addameer, was arrested in a raid last August 23, 2017 from his home in Kufr Aqab, Palestine. In 2004 Hamouri was arrested and imprisoned for seven years, he was released during Wafa al-Ahrar exchange deal in 2011. Upon his release, he was banned from entering the West Bank until 2016 while his wife Elsa Lefort is banned from entering Palestine.

The IOF is infamous for its policy to renew administrative detention orders every 6 months, this administrative detention could last from months to years. The IOF is also infamous for torturing and hiding prisoners and it is the likes of Hamouri and Addameer who advocate for their rights and join their trials, if there are any. Furthermore, those advocating for these human rights are being arrested and vilified by the Israeli apartheid state and its allies.

When the Palestinian Authority works with the Israeli occupying forces in arresting Palestinian activists,

The right to self-determination is protected by international law, a right that is constantly denied to Palestinians by the brutal repression of the Israeli occupation. The IOF is one of the biggest human rights violators. Those like Hamouri who struggle for the justice, rights and freedom of the Palestinian people against the Zionist settler-colonial project are arrested; tortured; imprisoned; shot; tear-gassed; their families threatened; houses demolished. All realms and levels of Palestinian resistance is subject to the ruthless repression of the occupation forces.

The Student for Justice in Palestine / Studenten voor Rechtvardigheid in Palestina delegation to Palestine condemns the illegal raid and arrest of Salah Hamouri. We condemn the illegal arrests of the Palestinian political prisoners and the torture inside the Israeli occupation jails they are facing.

Hamouri was taken to a Russian compound, Al-Moskobyeh interrogation centre. His detention is extended until Sunday, August 27, 2017 for further interrogation.

We demand the immediate and safe release of Salah Hamouri. We demand his rights to be respected, including the right to counsel. We demand that the French government  work to securing his prompt release. We demand that he will not be vilified as criminal or terrorist.

We demand an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine!

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Free Salah Hammouri!
Free all political prisoners!
Free Palestine!