4 September, Alès: Rally for freedom for Salah Hamouri

Monday, 4 September
10:30 am
prefecture d’Alès
Alès, France
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1945585372378139/

First signatories of the call to rally for the immediate release of Salah Hamouri French-Palestinian lawyer:
Attac Alès, AFPS Alès Cévennes, CiMADE Alès , Ensemble, FSU, LDH, NPA Alès, section PCF Alès, UL CGT Alès…

On the night of Wednesday, 23 August, the occupation army came to arrest Salah Hamouri in his home and took him to a detention center in Jerusalem. He was heard by a judge for 20 minutes and placed in isolation, where he remains. He has not been charged, instead he is detained under the pretext of a “secret file.”

On 29 August, after his lawyers negotiated conditions for his release, he was instead ordered to administrative detention for six months without charge or trial.

We solemnly call on the French head of state to intervene strongly with the Israei authorities as he did for two French compatriots imprisoned in Turkey.

We continue to mobilize to break the silence of the French authorities and demand from Benjamin Netanyahu the liberation of our fellow citizen. Salah Hamouri must not spend another day in Israeli jails. We are determined to obtain justice.