Toulouse solidarity with Al-Quds/Jerusalem

Translated from Coup Pour Coup 31 

Over 400 people demonstrated on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 in the streets of Toulouse against the provocative actions of Trump and Netanyahu to declare Jerusalem/Al-Quds the capital of Israel.

For nearly two hours, a popular, dynamic procession demonstrated, marching from Jean Jaurès to the US Consulate in Toulouse. Participants chanted slogans, including “Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!” “Al-Quds, capital of Palestine!” “Long live the resistance of the Palestinian people!” and “Free Georges Abdallah! Free Salah Hamouri!”

Future actions are being planned in Toulouse

During the rally at the beginning of the event, initiating organizations addressed the crowd. Following is the speech of Coup Pour Coup 31:

I am speaking on behalf of the anti-imperialist collective, Coup Pour Coup 31.

Once again, we are here in Toulouse, supporting the Palestinian people against the colonization of their homeland, Palestine.

Once again, we denounce the support of the imperialists for the ethnic cleansing of an entire people, and today we denounce Trump’s desire to make Jerusalem/Al-Quds the capital of the Zionist state.

Once again, we shout our anger at the French government, which supports the Israeli state in its racist and colonialist policies. Macron received the criminal Netanyahu last Sunday and continues to imprison a resistance struggler for the Palestinian cause, an Arab Communist, Georges Abdallah. The same government keeps silent about the imprisonment of the French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri for over 100 days.

And yet, the Palestinian people, in the face of injustice, are still standing and resisting more than ever before the colonization.

And yet, the resistance of the Palestinian people is more alive than ever. This week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which, since 1967, has brought to life the historic demand for a free, secular and democratic Palestine from the sea to the Jordan River.

And yet, the Arab masses revolt and protest despite their corrupt governments in the pay of the imperialists and Israel. In Jordan, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, they are all shouting for a free Palestine!

And yet, Georges Abdallah, locked up in French prisons for 34 years, still stands up and stands alongside his Palestinian brothers and sisters.

And yet, in the imperialist countries, thousands of people show their support for the freedom of the Palestinian people and support the boycott of Israel.

So, we will not give up! Join the anti-imperialist, join the anti-Zionist resistance, join Coup Pour Coup 31 and the unified initiatives for Palestine!