12 January, Rosario: Open Radio/Open Mic – No to Zionism in Palestine and Latin America

Friday, 12 January
7:30 pm
Pichangu Bar Cooperativa
Salta esq Rodriguez
Rosario, Argentina
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1947948342088695/

Ahed Tamimi was arrested on December 19 after a video went viral in which she, along with her cousins, resisted the invasion of armed soldiers to their home in Nabi Saleh – a small town near the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

The Israeli military court charged Ahed with a total of twelve charges, including “assaulting a soldier,” “throwing stones,” and “incitement.”

Ahed is a Palestinian activist known for her resistance to the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank. When she was only 12 years old, she faced soldiers of the occupation preventing them from taking her younger brother. In 2009 the Israeli occupation took control of the only source of water in the village. From then on the people of NabiSaleh demonstrate every Friday of the year against the occupation and it is one of the most active centers of the Palestinian popular resistance.

The State of Israel wants to escalate its attack upon the Palestinian resistance that, after Donald Trump’s announcement of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, led to new episodes of struggle.

The protests last December against the Zionist occupation claimed the death of dozens of Palestinians and more than three thousand wounded. The Israeli repression has primarily targeted youth as 95% of the detainees in the protests are children and young people.

According to Bassem Tamimi, father of Ahed, Palestinian minors are detained and exposed to threats and physical violence. They are interrogated without lawyers or parents present and pressured to sign confessions in Hebrew, a language that most do not understand. The case of Ahed is representative of this reality. Recall that 6500 Palestinians are prisoners in prisons of the regime of Israel in subhuman conditions, as indicated by the Committee for Palestinian Prisoner Affairs, among them there are at least 300 minors, while more than a thousand of them are sick and some or they suffer from serious illnesses that need permanent medical care.

Ahed Tamimi has become an example and a symbol of the struggle against the oppression suffered by the Palestinian people by the occupation of the genocidal State of Israel. Her detention seeks to make an example of those who, like her, are the organizers of the Palestinian protests.

The struggle for the liberation of Ahed is part of the global struggle to end Israeli apartheid. Therefore, we join the immense global movement that calls for the freedom of Ahed Tamini and her relatives. And we call to increase actions of solidarity with their cause.

Zionism Out of Palestine and Latin America!