13 January, Toulouse: No to the annexation of al-Quds!

Saturday, 13 January
3:00 pm
Metro Jean-Jaures, Toulouse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/158593308200396/

The unilateral decision of the US president to move their embassy from Tel Aiv to Jerusalem is an attempt to recognize the annexation of Jerusalem and its “unification” by the Israeli state and was met with the warm approval of only Netanyahu.

For 70 years, as part of its policy of “facts on the ground” Israel seized the western part of the city, and 50 years ago it occupied east Jerusalem and then annexed it declaring its unification as an “eternal and indivisible” capital in defiance of UN resolutions and in violation of international law….

International agreements define East Jerusalem as the Palestinian side of Jerusalem, destined to become the capital of the future state of Palestine. But the State of Israel has never respected – with the complicity of the US and Europe – any UN resolution and especially those concerning Jerusalem.

That’s not all. Trump in the process wants to impose on the Palestinians a “peace plan” for a few enclaves isolated from each other and the crushing of Palestinian rights, especially the right of return of refugees.

We must stop Trump and Netanyahu. For that, apart from declarations, we cannot count on the French president. He invited, on Human Rights Day, December 10 in Paris, the Israeli prime minister who daily flouts international law and human rights. Who imprisons hundreds of Palestinians, including the French-Palestinian Salah Hamouri, without charges and without trial. Moreover, the French government itself is criminalizing the BDS campaign and imprisoning the struggler for Palestine, Georges Abdallah, for 33 years, despite his eligibility for release since 1999.

It is high time that the world put real pressure on Israel by supporting the Palestinian struggle for rights and dignity. The occupation regime, colonialism, and Israeli apartheid must be ended by popular resistance and the international Boycott-Divestment -Sanctions movement.

Solidarity with the resistance of the Palestinian people.

Initial endorsers: Association des Palestiniens de Toulouse, Attac 31, Campagne BDS France-Toulouse, Collectif Coup pour Coup 31, CGT Educ’action 31, NPA 31, OCML-VP, Sud Ptt 31, Union Juive Française pour la Paix…