14 April, Belfast: Support the Right of Return

Saturday, 14 April
3:00 pm
City Hall
Belfast, Ireland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1316202045146684/

The Great Return March.

Thousands of Palestinian refugees have embarked on The Great Return March to protest against Israels refusal to allow Palestinians to return home. The Palestinian Refugee problem began with the Nakba, when Israel forcibly displaced 700,000 Palestinians from their home in 1948. The Great March Return is a peaceful non violent demonstration telling the whole world that the Palestinians have been suffering for almost 70 years and their lives have been awful since.

They are met with sniper fire, the IDF were ordered to shoot, drones flooded the peaceful demonstrators with tear gas, you will have seen the footage of the man getting shot while praying, a couple getting shot in the back as they ran away, a lady walking about with a flag, these people were hundreds of metres back from the border fence, there is a huge electric fence between them and the IDF, they were no threat to anyone, this demonstration was peaceful from the Palestinian side.

Israel will continue showing flagrant disregard for international law and commit war crimes with impunity until Ireland and the International community hold them to account.

We call on the people of Belfast to unite in sending a message to the apartheid state of Israel that you will no longer act with impunity.

The Palestinians need OUR support!!!