24 April, University of New South Wales: Stand with Palestine! Raise the Flag!

Tuesday, 24 April
1:00 pm
UNSW Library Lawn
University of New South Wales
Kensington, Australia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/205526693389569/

Palestinians demanding the right of return to their homelands are under violent attack from Israeli military forces. At current count, 31 protesters in the #GreatReturnMarch have been killed by sniper fire. Disturbing videos have emerged of Palestinians convulsing from unknown nerve agents hurled at them by the IDF to drive them away from the Gaza “border”.

The media and establishment in the West is determined to see these events as “deadly unrest”. It’s clear however that the violence comes from Israeli forces upholding their colonial power and defending apartheid state from a largely peaceful mass movement.

The courage of Palestinians fighting against their oppression demands our solidarity. Join this speakout at UNSW to condemn the Gaza massacre, to demand the Australian government cut ties with Israel, and to support freedom and justice for Palestine.