5 May, Dublin: Humanity for Palestine Protest – Israeli Embassy

Saturday, 5 May
3:00 pm
Israeli Embassy – Dublin
122 Pembroke Road
Dublin, Ireland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/185198772203171/

Saturday 5th May, Assemble 3pm Israeli Embassy, Dublin.

We will again be protesting the Israeli Embassy and demanding that all Irish elected representatives act for the Palestinian people and carry out the following actions;

1. Officially recognise the State of Palestine

2. Impose economic sanctions on Israel

3. End all diplomatic ties with the Apartheid state

Israel will continue disregarding International law and committing war crimes against the Palestinian people until the International community hold the Israeli regime to account.

The Irish government needs to follow Sweden’s lead in regards to officially recognising the Palestinian state.
This is an opportunity for the people of Ireland to unite against this humanitarian tragedy and put pressure on the Israeli Government to respect International Law and basic human rights for the Palestinian people.

An Israeli government that adheres to International Law and respects it’s Palestinian neighbours will create the space for real peace negotiations and help towards a true and just peace between the Palestinians and Israeli people.
Apartheid – Wrong in South Africa, Wrong in Palestine.