16 May, New York: Palestinians Should Be Free

Wednesday, 16 May
6:00 pm
Dag Hammarskjold Park
United Nations Plaza
New York, NY
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2061545163859563/

In grief and rage, we will mourn those who have been killed.
With respect and inspiration, we will amplify the demands of Palestinians: the right to live in freedom and dignity, and the right to return home.

6pm: Meet at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th St & 2nd Ave)
6:30pm: March to offices of Senators Gillibrand & Schumer (780 3rd Ave)

*Wear black*
Rain or shine

On Monday, May 14, Israeli forces killed at least 58 Palestinians in Gaza and wounded thousands. This is the response to the near-culmination of the historic #GreatReturnMarch, where for six weeks, tens of thousands of Palestinians — families, children, elders — have been gathering along the fence that keeps 2 million people penned in in an open air prison. They’ve been mobilizing creatively, bravely, with reading circles and kite flying and Dabke dancing, demanding the right to live out their lives freely, and to return home.

Meanwhile, at the very same time on Monday morning, just miles away in Jerusalem, Jared, Ivanka and others, like ADL’s CEO Jonathon Greenblatt (in stark opposition to the vast majority of American Jews who opposed the move), were clinking glasses to celebrate the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, a green light for continued Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands.

This is the ongoing Nakba.

While Senator Schumer praised Trump’s embassy move, calling it “long overdue,” Senator Gillibrand has for 6 weeks remained silent on the ongoing massacre of unarmed protestors in Gaza by Israeli forces. These atrocities are made possible by unparalleled US backing — so we must demand accountability.

This Wednesday, we invite our Jewish communities to come together outside the offices of Schumer & Gillibrand to say: NOT IN OUR NAME. Palestinians have the right to live in freedom and dignity, and the right to return home.

Hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace – NYC and Jews Say No!