11 July, NYC: DHS off our streets, ICE out of NYC!

Wednesday, 11 July
4:00 pm
Broadway and 53rd Street
New York City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/620381168328727/

Children out of cages!
ICE out of NYC!
DHS out of everywhere!

This coming week, New York City will play host to the biggest ever gathering of homeland security officials and private security corporations. They will be coming from all over the country to plot how they can place even more of our hermanxs in cages and concentration camps — and how they can continue to profit at all of our expense. On Wednesday, July 11, from 4 to 6 pm, they will be showing off their newest homeland security “assets” in the streets of our city. Come out to defend our communities against this campaign of terror. Let’s show up in massive numbers to say it loud, and say it clear: ICE is not welcome here!

This is an unpermitted sidewalk protest, with a moving picket, signs, and chants.

There will be dinner hosted after the demo at Foley Square. Bring any food you’d like, it’s a potluck style dinner. Collective effort just like everything else we do! Thanks

Questions or Comments: occupyicenyc@gmail.com