Palestinian youth organizers targeted for imprisonment without charge or trial

In the second half of July, Palestinian youth activists Tareq Mattar and Saleh al-Jaidi both had their administrative detention  – imprisonment without charge or trial – extended for another four and six months, respectively, in separate cases. Matar, 28 and jailed since 10 August 2017, is a Palestinian youth leader known for his involvement in youth organizing and study initiaties. Jaidi, a well-known youth organizer in Dheisheh refugee camp, has been jailed since 22 September 2017 without charge or trial. As administrative detention orders are based on a so-called “secret file” and involve no charges and no trial, Israeli occupation forces are able to remove leaders and people of conscience from their communities through imprisonment. Mattar and Jaidi are two of around 450 Palestinians jailed without charge or trial and a total of 6,000 Palestinian political prisoners. Administrative detention orders are indefinitely renewable and Palestinians have spent years at a time jailed with no charges and no trial. Both Mattar and Jaidi were previously jailed by the Israeli occupation forces on political charges. Administrative detention orders are used regularly to target community leaders and people influential in their areas in an attempt to undermine Palestinian organizing and society. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network denounces the renewed administrative detention of Tareq Mattar and Salah Jaidi. Palestinian youth are under a systematic attack that includes administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial. Youth around the world have an important role to play in organizing in solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian youth and fighting administrative detention. We urge friends and supporters of Palestine around the world to join in the call to end administrative detention and to free Tareq Mattar, Saleh Jaidi and all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.