13 October, Manchester: Victory to Palestine! Free Georges Abdallah!

Saturday, 13 October
12:00 pm
Piccadilly Gardens
Manchester, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/863503310705696/

As Britain continues its support for the Israeli colonisation of Palestine, the masses in Gaza are marching for the right of return to their homes. The export and import of weapons between British imperialism and Zionist Israel is only one factor in this pernicious relationship.

Lebanese communist Georges Abdallah hasnow been locked up for 35 years by France for standing up for Palestine. PFLP leader and prisoner Ahmad Sa’adat has joined calls for action:

‘For us, inside Israeli prisons, Georges Abdallah is a fellow struggler and a fellow Palestinian prisoner. We call him “the General of the prisoners of the PFLP.” He is part of us – one with us in unity and common struggle. We feel his support and participation in our struggle across seas and through iron bars and prison walls. He returns meals with our hunger strikes, his heart beats for Palestine just as his politics centers its liberation, and he has spent decades imprisoned because of his commitment to the liberation of the Palestinian and Arab people.’

Join us on the streets of Manchester to support the international week of action.

Victory to the Palestinian people!
Free Georges Abdallah’s!
Free all Palestinian political prisoners!
Break Britain’s links with Zionism!