30 November, Vancouver: Resistance is Not Terrorism

Friday, 30 November
7:00 pm
Centre for Socialist Education
706 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/253187008641724/

Around the world people are resisting and rebelling against an increasingly corrupt, violent and barbaric imperialist system. With the positive arguments in favour of the system largely discredited, the propagandists of imperialism have turned to labeling peoples legitimate struggles for justice and liberation as ‘terrorist’. And repressive states from Canada to Israel to the Philippines have passed legislation to criminalize people’s movements, mass struggles and solidarity efforts. Terrorist tagging and criminalization are then used to justify state sponsored extrajudicial killings, arrests, incarceration and other forms of repression.

Join International League of Peoples Struggle for a discussion of resistance and repression in the Philippines, India, Palestine, Latin America and on Turtle Island.