19 December, Montreal: Sovereignty is not terrorism

Wednesday, 19 December
6:00 pm
Location TBA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/189002242039896/

Since the war on terror, the imperialist powers have been pushing for confusion between national liberation struggles and terrorist groups. Even though this is a strategy watch, since September 11, rhetoric is used even more frequently. If the legitimate Colombian-Irish resistance against the imperialist system was framed in the war on drugs, and all the militants of these movements accused of drug trafficking, the trend has now become that of false accusations of terrorism.

The so-called “Canada” has a list of terrorist entities, just like the United States. These two lists are important tools for international collaboration in the persecution and political repression of groups and individuals who advocate for self-determination and socialism.

Come hear how the movements for Irish, Palestinian, Filipino and Aboriginal sovereignty resist colonialism, imperialism and the political repression of the Canadian state and the United States and how you can help these movements to unmask the true terrorists: the imperialist countries that destroy our world and our economy in the name of profit.