12 April, Birmingham: HSBC – Stop Funding Destruction!

Friday, 12 April
10:00 am
Broad Street
Birmingham, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/816227782084609/

Whether it’s supporting arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia, or financing the extraction and exploitation of fossil fuels, HSBC is profiting from destruction.

A coalition of campaigning groups are organising a protest outside the venue of HSBC’s AGM in Birmingham. Join us there to demand that HSBC stop funding the death and destruction of people and planet!

This will be a family friendly protest: expect speakers, chants and music… We are also looking into organising transport from London and potentially other UK hubs – stay tuned for more details soon!


Why we are mobilising:

There is deep history between violence and the extraction of fossil fuels, one that spans from Western colonialism to now. We see it in fossil fuel rich countries all over the planet: a domestic or foreign government arms themselves to secure resources for themselves and for fossil fuel companies.

The violence enacted on behalf of these governments and companies has displaced communities and destroyed families across the planet, a situation that will only worsen as the extraction and burning of fossil fuels exacerbates the impacts of the climate crisis.

The struggles of anti-militarism groups and climate justice groups are inseparable.

HSBC is directly connected to this history, financing the military-industrial complex through its loan book and its investments. In the last three years alone, the bank has poured over £43bn into the fossil fuel sector . At the same time, HSBC has invested over £830m in arms companies and has been involved in syndicated loans exceeding £18.9bn.

After severe human rights violation by HSBC funded coal mines in Colombia and Russia, the bank has also recently announced new coal financing in the Delta region. HSBC’s new investment in fossil fuel industries would destroy the ecology in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Who we are:

We are anti-militarism and climate groups who recognise the inseparable nature of our struggle for peace and climate justice. Organisations involved include: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, War on Want, BankTrack, 350.org, and the National Committee of Bangladesh UK.