27 November, Britain: Time to Get #ApartheidOffCampus

Wednesday, 27 November
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Take action to demand #ApartheidOffCampus on the 27th November 2019!

Israel’s system of institutionalised racist discrimination, amounting to the crime of apartheid, can only be sustained because of weapons, technology and other support it receives from companies around the world.

UK universities invest 100s of £millions and hold institutional links with companies complicit with Israel’s apartheid regime, despite over 90 UK universities holding “social responsibility policies”. These policies often include restrictions on holding investments in companies who are complicit in human rights violations. One example includes University of Glasgow, who invest over £18 million worth of shares in companies complicit with Israel’s apartheid regime, despite claiming principles of socially responsible investment. Their portfolio includes investments in Caterpillar, who supply armoured bulldozers for the Israeli army, used to demolish Palestinian homes, schools olive groves and communities.

UK Universities must refuse to provide any kind of support or to engage in the normalization of relations with any regime of racism, oppression and dispossession. This includes Israel’s apartheid regime. For UK universities to be free from all forms of discrimination, they must end and seek to hold no investments or ties with companies or institutions complicit in the denial of rights to Palestinians.

Students on campus are fighting back and showing their solidarity with the Palestinian people by holding their institutions to account and campaigning to get #ApartheidOffCampus and declare themselves Apartheid Free. Take creative action on your campus as part of the national day of action on the 27th November 2019 to demand UK universities get #ApartheidOffCampus and pledge to be #ApartheidFree!