9 November, NYC: Protest to free Palestinian prisoners and #BoycottPuma

Saturday, 9 November
4:00 pm
609 Fifth Avenue
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/950181828682630/

Bring signs, flags, and banners demanding freedom for Khalida Jarrar, Samer Arbeed, and all Palestinian political prisoners, and an end to PUMA’s support for Israeli settler-colonialism in occupied Palestine!

Khalida Jarrar, leading Palestinian feminist, leftist and parliamentarian, was seized in the pre-Newdawn hours of October 31, 2019 by Israeli occupation forces. The heavily armed force invaded her home with over a dozen military vehicles and 80 soldiers only eight months after she was last released from Israeli prison. She had been jailed there for 20 months with no charge and no trial under administrative detention. During Khalida’s imprisonment, over 275 organizations around the world joined the call for her freedom, and protests and mobilizations around the world highlighted her case. It is time to act again and demand Khalida’s immediate release!

Samer Arbeed is being held in Hadassah hospital after severe Israeli torture under interrogation and brutal beatings that caused him to lose consciousness for weeks. He has been shackled to his bed and even tear-gassed in his hospital room by Israeli forces despite the fact that he has 11 broken ribs and pneumonia as well as kidney dysfunction so severe he now requires dialysis. He suffered from none of these medical conditions prior to being seized by Israeli occupation forces on September 25, although his wife witnessed occupation soldiers begin to beat him immediately upon arresting him. He has been banned from lawyers’ visits and his lawyers were not informed that he was tear-gassed; in a medical report delivered by the intensive care unit at the hospital, it was noted that Samer’s lung health has further deteriorated due to contamination in his ventilation apparatus. He is being subjected to continuous interrogation even as he remains in his hospital room due to Israeli torture.

Khalida and Sameer have both organized and spoken out for Palestinian prisoners. Khalida is one of the most prominent international advocates for Palestinian prisoners and their rights and the former vice-chair of the board of directors of Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association. Samer Arbeed volunteered and worked for organizations demanding freedom for prisoners – and has been previously targeted for his work.

Join the international days of action to speak out for Khalida, Samer, and all of the thousands of Palestinians held behind bars. Torture, arbitrary detention and abuse are taking place in full view of the world and we must speak out to stand with these Palestinians demanding their most fundamental rights. Free all Palestinian prisoners! Freedom for Palestine!