25-26 January, Ann Arbor: Youth for Palestine Conference

Saturday and Sunday, 25-26 January 2020
University of Michigan -Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan
More info: https://www.youth4palestine.com/

Palestinian Youth Movement and Midwest SJP are proud to present the second annual Youth for Palestine conference January 25-26th hosted by SAFE of University of Michigan-Ann Arbor!

The Youth for Palestine Conference will include important panel discussions, workshops, and skill-sharing that will equip you with the right tools to strengthen your organizing work on campus and in the community and expand your knowledge of the movement for Palestinian liberation. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and connect with experienced Palestinian organizers across the Midwest!

You also don’t want to miss culture night where there will be a dabkeh dance off between states/universities!

To register for the event, click here.

The conference will be held at the University of Michigan -Ann Arbor

Participants will be notified on the location

We are currently experiencing a time where Palestinian student groups are being attacked at every corner. Whereas it was once expected to be focus of school administrations or Zionist groups, we are at a point where even the President of the U.S’s executive orders are meant to silence student groups for Palestinian liberation and give the opposition grounds to defame us.

This convening sets out to accomplish the following:

– Contextualizing the current political climate in the U.S and acknowledging our position as students and youth. Where we see Palestine in the media more and more,  and even see light support for political officials, we intend to seek out the best way to act on it. We also recognize we are not the first students or youth to do so and intend to offer historical analysis and rise and fall of student activism

– Offer the tools to carry your organization through times of hardship. Through workshops held by community leaders as well as your peers, you will learn not only the basics of Palestine but the basics of organizing. This includes community outreach, historical considerations, and security. With the tools to move our communities forward, we hope we can be one step closer to liberation.

– Encourage mobilization on a mass level, tearing down university borders. While we may see ourselves as tied to our universities, so long as we are organizing for Palestine, all of our issues are intertwined and our support and movement cannot begin and end within the confines of respective campuses. We intend to build a network that will pave the way for broader movement and stronger connections past state lines.

Register now and let us build together!

To register for the event, click here.