Call for audio messages to support Palestinian prisoners: Our Voice for the...

Call for audio messages to support Palestinian prisoners: Our Voice for the Palestinian Prisoners

Many different organizations involved in working for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, are coming together in a joint campaign for audio messages expressing support and solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.

These messages will be broadcast on Asra Voice Radio (Voice of the Prisoners Radio) on Thursday, 7 May, so the prisoners may hear them. For those prisoners celebrating Ramadan, these messages will provide additional support during this time and express the solidarity of Palestinians, Arabs and internationals of conscience with Palestinians struggling for freedom inside Israeli jails.

To participate in the campaign:

  1. Send an audio message on WhatsApp for the prisoners expressing your support and solidarity.
  2. These messages will be broadcast on 7 May by Asra Voice Radio in Palestine, where the prisoners themselves, their families and loved ones may hear your voice of solidarity directly.

How to participate:

Send an audio message as soon as possible over WhatsApp to the following numbers:


Please include your name and your country in the beginning of the audio message. Messages should not exceed one minute in length. You may send your messages in Arabic, English or another language.

Freedom for the imprisoned strugglers – Our voice for the Palestinian prisoners!


🔶 شارك بصوتك
وفي شهرِ رمضان المبارك.

في الحملة التضامنية
“صوتنا لأسرى فلسطين”

👈🏼 أرسل/ي رسالةً صوتية إلى الأسرى في سجون الاحتلال لدعمهم وإسنادهم.
👈🏼 حيث ستبث إذاعة “صوت الأسرى” في فلسطين، رسائلكم في 14 رمضان المبارك الموافق (7 أيّار/مايو).

⭕️ آلية المشاركة
أرسلوا رسائلكم الصوتية في أقرب وقت عبر واتساب إلى الأرقام التالية:

♦️يرجى ذكر الاسم والبلد في بداية الرسالة الصوتية
♦️على ألا تتجاوز الرسالة الدقيقة الواحدة.

الحريّة لأسرى الحرية
صوتنا لأسرى فلسطين