Video: Samidoun joins discussion on imperialism and incarceration from Guantanamo to Palestine

On Sunday, 5 July, Charlotte Kates, the international coordinator of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, joined Mick Napier of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Moazzam Begg of CAGE, a British citizen formerly detained by the United States at its illegitimate detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a naval base occupied against the will of the Cuban people and government. Guantanamo Bay has become notorious as a symbol of U.S. lawlessness and impunity, where people may be held seemingly endlessly without charges and where detainees – flown to Guantanamo from around the world – were subjected to severe physical and psychological torture.

The conversation highlighted unjust, colonial and imperialist systems of repression and incarceration from the U.S. to Scotland to Palestine. Kates in particular addressed the case of Salah Hamouri, the French-Palestinian lawyer once again detained by the Israeli occupation on 30 June.

Watch the full video here: