Events and Protests for the Days of Resistance for Palestine: Get involved...

Events and Protests for the Days of Resistance for Palestine: Get involved and take action August 7 through 9!

Over 100 organizations around the world have come together to join Samidoun in calling for the Days of Resistance, Friday through Sunday, 7 through 9 August 2020. Events are being organized in New York City, Boston, Madrid, Vancouver, Montreal, Belgium, France, Brazil, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Manchester, London, Brighton, Knighton, Glasgow, Auckland and more, with further events to come!

We invite your organizations to get involved:

To participate in the Days of Resistance, you can take many diverse actions. Here are a few examples, depending on your area and resources. Of course, keep safe and take proper protections for COVID-19:

  • organize a demonstration or protest
  • distribute flyers about Palestine
  • put up a table with information about justice in Palestine and boycott campaigns
  • take action to boycott Israel and complicit corporations like HP, G4S and Teva
  • poster walls in your community with signs
  • join with fellow supporters of justice in Palestine to post your solidarity and support for the Palestinian people and their ongoing resistance for return and liberation, from the river to the sea, on social media

If you are organizing an event, would like materials for your action, want us to promote your action, or have questions, please contact us at or message us on Facebook.

New York City, NY:

DAY OF RESISTANCE Demonstration to Defend Palestine
Friday, 7 August
4:00 pm
72nd St and 5th Avenue
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NYC, US
Facebook Page:
Organized by NY4Palestine, led by Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine

 Copenhagen, Denmark:

Stop Annexation in Palestine – Palestinian People’s Kitchen with Mohammed Khatib
Friday 7 August
5:30 pm
Folkets Hus
Stengade 50
Copenhagen, Denmark
More info:
Organized by Stop Stop Annekteringen af Palæstina 2020

Las Vegas, NV: 

Day of Resistance Demonstration and Car Caravan
Friday, 7 August
7:00 pm
737 N Main Street
Las Vegas, NV
Organized by Nevadans for Palestinian Human Rights, Jewish Voice for Peace – Las Vegas

Madrid, Spanish State: 

Demonstration in Solidarity with Palestine
Friday, 7 August
8:00 pm P
Atocha to Sol
Madrid, Spain
Organized by Alkarama Palestinian Women’s Mobilization, Samidoun, Unadikum

Boston, MA:

Stand Out for the Days of Resistance
Saturday, 8 August
11:00 am
Porter Square MBTA Stop
Cambridge, MA
More info:
Organized by Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine

Anaheim, California:

Saturday, 8 August
11:30 am
1151 N La Palma Parkway
Anaheim, CA
Organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement; Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition; Yalla Indivisible

Dearborn, Michigan:

Saturday, 8 August
5:00 pm
William Ford Elementary
14749 Alber Street
Dearborn, MI
Organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement

Manchester, England:

Speak Out for Palestinian Resistance
Saturday, 8 August
12:00 pm
Piccadilly Gardens
Manchester, Britain
Facebook page:
Organized by Victory to the Intifada and Fight Racism Fight Imperialism

London, England: 

International Day of Resistance for Palestine
Saturday, 8 August
12:00 pm
Kensington Gardens
Then march to Israeli Embassy
London, England
Organized by Protest for Palestine and Victory to the Intifada

Brighton, England: 

Solidarity with Palestine and the Days of Resistance
Saturday, 8 August
12:00 pm
Clock Tower
Brighton, UK
Learn more:
Organized by Brighton and Howe Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Auckland, New Zealand:

Rally for Palestine
Saturday, 8 August
1:00 pm
Western Park, Ponsonby
Auckland, New Zealand
More info:
Palestine Network Aotearoa – Auckland Tamaki Makaurau

Glasgow, Scotland: 

Long Live Palestine! Protest
Saturday, 8 August
1:00 pm
Outside Lidl
Victoria Road
Glasgow, Scotland
Organized by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

Vancouver, Canada:

Defend Palestine and Boycott Israel! Protest
Saturday, 8 August
2:00 pm
Broadway and Cambie
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Facebook page:
Organized by BDS Vancouver, Canada Palestine Association, Samidoun and IJV UBC

Gothenburg, Sweden:

Palestine will never give up! Protest
Saturday, 8 August
2:00 pm
Gustav Adolfs Torg
Gothenburg, Sweden
Organized by Samidoun Gothenburg

Knighton, Wales:

International Fast for Peace – Workshop on the Annexation of Palestine
Saturday, 8 August
3:00 pm
Knighton War Memorial
Knighton, Wales
Organized by XR Peace

Montreal, Quebec:

Demonstration for Palestine/Manifestation pour la Palestine
Sunday, 9 August
2:00 pm
Jarry Station
Montreal, Quebec
Organized by a broad coalition of Montreal groups including SPHR McGill, Independent Jewish Voices, Academics for Palestine, Imaging Apartheid and more

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Commemoration of Ghassan Kanafani and the Struggle for Palestine
Sunday, 9 August
3:00 pm
Griffenfeldsgade 41
Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
More info:

Join us to take action:

Today, the program of Israeli annexation continues to threaten Palestinians in the West Bank, including the most fertile agricultural land of the Jordan Valley, which is still slated for Israel’s latest land grab. Of course, this is simply the continuation of over 72 years of land theft, dispossession, apartheid and genocide – but it requires continued mobilization and action to confront, alongside the siege on Gaza, the mass imprisonment of Palestinians, the demolition of homes, the denial of Palestinian refugees’ right to return and further war crimes and crimes against humanity.

On this occasion, we salute all of the victims of Zionist colonization and we rededicate ourselves to struggle for everything Ghassan Kanafani lived and fought for: the liberation of Palestine and the liberation of humanity. The memory of his martyrdom is a Palestinian, Arab and international rallying cry for revolutionary change.

In this context, we call on all Palestinian communities and those who stand for justice in Palestine to join together to organize the Days of Resistance on August 7, 8 and 9, 2020. We urge all Palestinians inside and outside Palestine, and all of the national forces, popular institutions, youth, student and women’s movements, social justice movements and solidarity organizations to participate actively in “banging on the walls of the tank” – as in Kanafani’s Men in the Sun – to break down the walls of silence. Join in marches, popular activities, demonstrations and remind the world that the Palestinian people will continue to rise and confront all attempts of liquidation and destruction of the cause of Palestine and resist dispossession, exile and genocide – and that all people of conscience stand beside the Palestinian people in this critical moment. 

Samidoun Network in occupied Palestine and in the diaspora urges all to consider the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7 through 9 August, as days of comprehensive struggle, resistance and popular organizing against Zionist colonization throughout occupied Palestine, days of organizing demonstrations and political, cultural and media activities throughout Palestine, in exile and diaspora and everywhere around the world. These actions confront the ongoing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, including the Zionist “annexation” project and the deadly siege on Gaza, and aim to strengthen international solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and with the Palestinian prisoners’ movement inside Israeli occupation jails.

We urge all organizations in support of the Palestinian struggle, inside occupied Palestine and around the world, to raise the Palestinian flag and the images and words of the revolutionary writer Ghassan Kanafani in these marches and popular events.

Read the full call to action:

If you are organizing an event, would like materials for your action, or have questions, please contact us at or message us on Facebook.

You can also add your event at the form:

The posters below can be used in your actions and activities! Feel free to use and modify for your local group:

Support Palestinian Resistance (Download PDF):

Download the PDF file .

Free Palestinian Prisoners – Free Palestine from the River to the Sea (Download PDF):

Download the PDF file .

End Administrative Detention – Dismantle the Israeli Prison Regime (Download PDF): 

Download the PDF file .

Zionism is Racism (Download PDF): 

Download the PDF file .

Palestinian Resistance for Black Liberation (Download PDF): 

Download the PDF file .